About Club Acoustic

First, let’s allow one of the Club Acoustic founders, Keith Smith, to explain what it’s all about:

Club Acoustic is run by friends for friends and anyone else who is in Buxton and enjoys performing or listening to live music of all sorts, usually but not always acoustic. The music is performed by musicians of all sorts from a host of local talent and visitors, who meet in the Old Clubhouse in Buxton, Derbyshire. We have a large regular audience, a warm and welcoming atmosphere and many visitors. Open sessions run on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, starting from 8.30pm. Come along on the night to perform, or just to listen.

In addition to the open sessions, we also run showcase concerts of local talent on 5th Wednesdays, and occasional concerts. Check out the Home page for what’s coming up!

A short history of Club Acoustic

Club Acoustic was started on 30th September 1999 in a small room in the Old Clubhouse, by Keith Smith and Ric Bateman. A group of local musicians had been playing in noisy pubs around Buxton for some time, but wanted to create a space where music could be played, listened to and enjoyed in a quieter environment. Ric and Keith invited all types of musicians and music, just so long as it was acoustic. The intention was to create a very low maintenance event which was a pleasure to attend, so it was held fortnightly to make it a treat rather than an obligation.

The sessions were a success from the start, and soon developed under the guidance of Chris Rockliffe , to expand into the larger upstairs room and peripheral activities such as showcase concerts for local acts, separate weekly jam sessions, a Buxton Fringe Festival concert and special ticketed shows for professional acts, including Ken Nichol, Kirsty McGee, Martin Simpson, Bob Brozman, Spiers & Bowden, Lst Night’s Fun and more.

The open sessions grew to regularly accommodate up to 30 acts and a proportionate audience at each meeting. In 2003 the Club moved to the Eagle pub where it continued to prosper until Chris Rockliffe’s premature death in June 2008. Stuart Kelly took over the running of the Club and maintained it heroically for two years, when he was joined by Dave Purchase and Tony Boden, and together they set up a committee to revitalise it and, in November 2010, move it to a smaller, more intimate venue in the Old Sun Inn.

With Stuart as Chairman, Dave as Secretary and Tony as Resident Host the Club quickly re-established its popularity, the finances were sound and back on a proper footing and, by the end of 2011, the Club had an active committee, a large group of regular local performers and visitors from outside Buxton, and a growing audience. A larger venue was needed than the Old Sun could offer, so, in January 2012, the Club returned to the Old Clubhouse, where it has continued to prosper and establish a reputation as Buxton’s leading venue for open sessions and showcases for local musical talent.