Club Acoustic Isolation Sessions - About Us

Welcome to Isolation Sessions, where we aim to keep Club Acoustic going throughout the Corona Virus Pandemic.

We have set up two separate types of Isolation Session:

VIDEO sessions:pre-recorded videos can be submitted by Club Acoustic performers within the logged in performers area. These videos will be grouped into session playlists and will be available on this website. We will also endeavour to stream these sessions periodically via Facebook and Youtube - these sessions will be announced in advance!

LIVE Sessions: weekly virtual gatherings where performers can play within a Zoom meeting and anyone else can join the audience watching this streamed live to YouTube. The next LIVE session will take place on Thursday, 1st January, 1970,

If you wish to perform please remember YOU HAVE to be registered and YOU HAVE to put your name on the board or we can't send you an invitation to the session... see HELP for details.

The VIDEO sessions will give performers a bit more control, and the LIVE sessions are as near as we can get to a live session, even though there might be the odd technical glitch. Any of our Club Acoustic performers are welcome to contribute to these sessions, but before you can perform you need to REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT so you can upload material for the VIDEO sessions and register your interest in attending the next LIVE session.

Any current news or updates will appear on this page so check in regularly.

 One of our wonderful regulars, Mr. Will Hawthorne, is raising money for the Pituitary Foundation with the sale of his brilliant track "Wishful Thinker". Click on the image to purchase from Amazon.

Wishful Thinker by Will HawthorneMESSAGE FROM WILL ..... "This is a track I have put up for download (this link is for Amazon but it is also at iTunes, etc). All the proceeds I get between now and January 1 2021 will be donated to The Pituitary Foundation. Even if you don't like the song (although obviously I hope you do) you will know that you have given towards an organisation that helps pituitary patients with support and advice. Like many charities they are struggling financially and practically at the moment - when a lot of these patients need support the most."

Will, has also kindly composed a Crossword to keep us all busy during this pandemic. It is full of Club Acoustic references and just the thing to while away some time whilst we are housebound. Click the icon to download.